To all the families who love nature and enjoy total relaxation

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The bike tour that we propose to you, a food and wine track, it’s very simple.
Everyone can do it, even if you can find some troubles along the track, as some steep ways and some dirt tracks, but it’s worth a shot!
You’ll find along this track typical delicacies never tasted before!
As usual the starting point is from “Certaldo Alto”. The wonderful “Palazzo Pretorio” is behind us.
From the starting point we take the road behind the ancient walls and we arrive in Del Bosco Road.
We get into the city centre and we follow the direction to Gabassi Terme.
We’ll see the characteristic bridge on the Elsa River and, once over the bridge, after about 200 metres, we turn right, following the dirt road that goes in a small wood.
At the end of the woods we turn right again and we continue the track along a lane that goes in the Tuscan local fields.
The scenery is fantastic and very suggestive, where Tuscan wild scrub alternating with and cultivated fields. Here you’ll breath the farmer’s toil and their accurate work.
We continue the path along a series of light steep ways and slopes.
At the end of this path we turn right and we continue on a flat and peaceful road good for heart and eyes.
At the end on this quiet road we notice a slight climb. We follow it and then we turn left coasting a farm. We continue quietly, through vineyards and fields of olive trees.
When the path branches off, we turn on the right and then we go beyond the chain that we see, and we continue along a white road. It will lead us to a crossroads where we’ll follow the indication for Varna, a small typically place in “Gambassi Terme”.
Following the indication for Varna, we continue on the left side climbing a not too much steep path. From this path you’ll can admire a panorama and quietly riding. When we find a crossroads, we following the indication for Certaldo and after a brief slope, we continue on a straight road. We turn right and we ride along another white road where you can lose yourself in the beauty of the countryside, surrounded by spectacular colourful landscape. Going on, we continue on a demanding slope because of the rough terrain. Take care of you and of your bike!
On sunny days, when the sun shine in the sky, you can admire particular natural light reflections that illuminate the landscape turning this path into a magic track, surrounded by sounds of squirrels and birdsongs.
Here we can stop and lie down a bit, while the beauty of the nature will be able to compensate your troubles!
After the break, we continue straight on and we reach the “Casciano” stream. We have to go through it, but it’s just a matter of few metres!
Once reached the opposite side stream, we ride along a field and we turn right and then immediately left.
The road climbs. You are climbing a stretch of the Old Via Francigena along which, in spring and summer times it’s easy to meet pilgrims walking along the ancient religious track.
The road will’ lead to the “Fattoria del Monte”, ancient noble abode and turned now into a wonderful modern resort.
This final path presents quite difficult, and you have to go on with right conviction. It requires attention and effort, but you can take it quietly and if you need take some stops along the path.
However, at the end of the climb, the farm will be in front of you with all its beauty and splendour. Wonderful with its majesty, surrounded by breath-taking landscape, you’ll be able to feed your soul with breathing the Tuscan atmosphere.

After a moment of relax, we continue in direction of “Pancole”. We have to face the last effort!
Halfway up you will be finally able to see the sign “Casa alle Vacche”. It means that we have reached our destination: a Refuge for hungry bike riders!