To all the families who love nature and enjoy total relaxation


Large, evocative landscape of fields and woods, where you can discover and admire the different colors and scents of the seasons.
Dear fellow bike is part !!!!!
We start from Certaldo in front of the Praetorian Palace we turn right and through the arch, awaits us via Alle Mura begin to face the path from behind Certaldo, crossing the beautiful park of the rectory, brings us to the Pian Grande road, striking landscape of fields and woods, where you can discover and admire the different colors and scents of the seasons.
We arrive after six km at the crossroads called the four streets and turn right onto the dirt road Voltiggiano, leaving behind the majestic castle of Uliveto (also open to another hike), and begin to climb.
The climb is not binding although tiring, we are in the Tuscan countryside with the dirt road among vineyards olive trees and farmhouses leads us to Morcone, here for about seven hundred meters back the asphalt until the next junction where you turn right we head to Tresanti.
The climb is more challenging but the scenery makes her forget ....
It 'a succession of glimpses and views spanning the horizon and, believe me, warm the heart.
On the road overlooking the renowned company Tresanti biodynamic farm with cheese oil and other specialties strictly organic and produced with passion and care.
We continue to San Martino a Maiano, this section presents a fairly difficult climb but for everyone, where, at the end of it, we find another fork where we take the left to continue immersed in the open countryside towards the last part of our excursion.
Following the path we get to the point where the paved road back then we follow indication Kiss (name falsely romantic because it really should be read with an emphasis on, and it means shadow) and a steep descent we set off towards the intersection on the main road. On the way down we meet on the left the farm I Fossati that produces wine and good quality oil.
Once at the Provincial turn right to return to Certaldo and after about two kilometers just past the Sebach factory we turn right we follow the dirt road always keeping us on the right and after the slightly uphill final cross via Alle Mura take the left and here we are again Certaldo Alto where our journey that has underpinned our body and also our view that has been enjoyed the many colors of the enchanting colors of Certaldo and its surroundings, unique experiences thanks to our beloved bike and our passion.


   Arrival   Certaldo

   Distance   25 Km

   Difference   730 meters

   Road Fund   asphalt and dirt

   Travel Time   90 minutes

   Elevation Min   64 mt

   Elevation Max   212 mt

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